Friday, January 27, 2012

Don’t be afraid of Color, wedding decor for the Outer Banks, NC

Weddings, it brings to mind white dresses, bouquets of white flowers, receptions decked out with white linens and fine white china and crystal goblets.  STOP – let’s back up. Why do we automatically think of white table linens and starched white napkins?  Who said everything had to be white?  Live it up.  Choose to be bold and throw some color into the mix, and no we’re not referring to colorful ornate centerpieces.  Ditch the white linens and go bold.  Choosing color linens can save money and really boost the look and feel of the reception venue.  Color sets the tone for the celebration; fun, formal, stylish, and uniquely you.

Photo courtesy of Coleman Shots
Not sure how to choose color linens for the reception?  Your professional wedding coordinator can share with you many ideas. You can use the season to add color.  Autumn weddings can use red and orange linens, winter weddings can use blue and silver to add sparkle, and so on.  When you use bold colors at the reception, it minimizes the need for big showy centerpieces. The tables become the part of the overall décor and can be quite stunning.  Add a few candles of varied heights and you have a beautiful table set.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Pullen Photography
Seasonal color choices don’t work for you? Color can be added into the mix by having a theme or celebrating something from one or both of the bride and groom’s heritage.  Maybe you love bright or strong patterns.  Patterns are another great way to liven up the tables and lessen the need for big expensive centerpieces.  Consider spicy colored table linens with vibrant silk toppers to remind you of India. By choosing a solid cloth and adding a topper with pattern you can really add your own personal style.  Your wedding coordinator is a great asset in the management and set up of décor, including the placement of favors and table design.

So be bold and leave white for the dress!

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